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Energy Balance.. Nutrition, Stress, Sleep, and More!!

What is energy balance?

Energy balance is everything that makes you who you are. It’s your sleep, your stress, your recovery, the food you eat, the exercise you do. It’s how you live your life.

Energy balance is the amount of energy we take in from calories versus the amount of energy we burn through movement. If we take in more energy than we burn, then we gain weight. Conversely, if we burn more than we take in, then we lose weight. And if we take in and burn the same, then you guessed it, we stay relatively the same weight.

It gets a little more complicated than that though. Both energy in and energy out are affected by much more than just food and movement.

Energy in is also affected by:

  • The type of food we eat and how well we digest it

  • When, where, and why we ate (i.e. relaxed with family or stressed in a hurry between meetings; our hunger levels and how well we ate to them)

  • Our sleep and stress

Energy out is affected by:

  • Our resting metabolic rate

  • Genetics

  • The thermic effect of food (yes, we burn calories to digest calories!)

  • Everyday movement like cleaning our home or doing laundry

  • Exercise

  • Our sleep and stress (notice how these affect both energy in and energy out?!)

Finding a balance between all of these factors can help you perform and recover better as well as manage your weight.

Long-Term Habits

At Energy Balance Coaching, we offer coaching services that focus on building long-term, sustainable habits. The program and habits are custom to you and your goals. These habits will be nutrition focused, but as you can see from above, there are many factors that affect our health. These habits will also include ones to increase your quality of sleep, reduce stress, move more, and become more mindful.

So why long-term habits? We want to empower you with the resources to be able to make decisions no matter what comes your way. If you’re stuck late at work, you’re meeting up with friends for happy hour, or you’re going on vacation, then you’ll be able to make the food and drink choices that align with your goals and that you will enjoy.

Habits are long-term, so you’ll have these tools in your toolbox for life. It’s not a 30-day restrictive diet until you can eat “normal” again or lose weight just to gain it back plus more. It’s a program that focuses on long-term improvements while fueling your body, so you aren’t left feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

It’s not just weight loss though; some struggle with weight gain and are looking to put on more muscle mass. This is also habit based, so we’ll be looking at habits like eating more consistently, eating whole meals, and adding snacks in.

A Little About Me and Energy Balance

Yoga had introduced me to Ayurveda, which is looking at the whole person: nutrition, activity, sleep, personality, and stress, to name a few. It was the first time I had seen an approach like this and knew I needed to focus more on a whole person approach for myself. I dove more into Ayurveda and later Precision nutrition to study the factors that affect us as a whole person and how we can leverage them to enhance our lives.

I was seeking balance in my own life. Balance for me meant more time strength training with a coach to better prepare

my body to perform on the golf course. It meant learning to cook and season veggies in different ways to help increase my intake of them. It also meant learning to meditate to help me slow my life down and enjoy it more since I tend to get caught up in work. These are just a few of the changes I’ve made over the last several years to help myself become more balanced.

Everyone’s balance is going to be different based on where you’re currently at and where you’re looking to go. Together, we can reach your goals and help you find your energy balance just like I’m finding mine.

How the program works and your commitment:

Once Upfront:

  • Spend about 15 minutes filling out an intake form

  • Have an initial meeting (either online or in-person) about your goals and receive a custom guide that considers where you’re currently at, your goals, and your food preferences


  • Access your personal online portal (also available as an app) where you’ll do your practices and check-ins to build your habits (just 10-20 minutes a day!)

Every 2 weeks:

  • Input progress updates to help us track to your goals

Accountability is a big part of change. Together on this journey, I’ll be there to support you, and review and make changes as necessary, so we stay on track and achieve what you set out to!

Get more information by going to Energy Balance Coaching or email Bree

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