• Dan Shipman

How are you today??

That’s a question we all get asked in one way or another almost every day.

When you answer, what do you say? Good? Alright?

I once was a personal trainer for a company named Lifestyle Family Fitness. They knew the importance of customer service to the point that they hired a company to do a seminar for every employee, from the janitors to the managers how to be more personable. Investing in yourself and those under you will always pay off and they knew it.

For us, when someone comes into the gym, we need to have energy, we need to be happy, we need to be excited. This person walking in may not be excited about being there, they could even be going outside the comfort zone and be scared. It is up to use to make them feel comfortable and happy. As we all know first impressions are hard to take back, so you must always be ready to put the best foot forward.

The biggest take away I got from this seminar is that “Good is not good enough”!

What does that mean, you may be asking yourself.

How often do we answer the question of “How are you today?” with good? Have you ever tried something else, like “amazing” or “awesome”? Put some emphasis on it and watch the reactions you get from people. People don’t expect for you to be having a great day. Most people don’t make the choice to have a great day, so why should they expect someone else to?

Do I have bad days? Of course! Do I let them control me? Never! This is a conscious choice you make to have a great, amazing, super, awesome day! It’s really funny how even your own day changes when you start saying things like this.

Wake up, make the choice, move forward and see how things change, and not just for you, for those around you as well.

So I ask you again…

How are you today?

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