• Dan Shipman

Keep it Normal

I watched a video of a comedian talking about how he's running out of things to do during this. He said he counted all 8,423 grains of rice in his house. (tried to find the video, would've been fun to put here).

I think in some way we can all relate right now.

It's really crazy how things have changed for so many of us. And it's easy to find yourself in a rut and stuck there. We are hoping that you can all find some semblance of normalcy through all this. We want to give you some tips to help get out of the rut and keep yourself going.

  • Get Dressed - This may seem silly, but I know there are people that are just sitting around in the same clothes all day and night. Don't let this be you!! Get up get dressed like you normally would.

  • Schedule Your Work Day - Try to schedule your day. If you can still work from home, schedule your work day and stick to it. It may be a shorter day, but still find ways to get your work done and follow the schedule. We are creatures of habit. And if you don't have work, I'm sure we all have projects around the house to do. Get something done that you've been putting off. This may be one of the few things that truly help you stay sane during this.

  • Choose a Workspace - If you choose the right place you will be able to work with minimal distractions. We as humans are easily distracted by shiny objects. You can schedule breaks. But when you are in your workspace, do work.

  • Minimize Distractions - This goes right with the last tip. If you have kids this can be hard, but you still need to find a way to get your work done.

  • Disconnect - We surf social media, we watch news, and all there is out there is the horrors of the fear mongering of the media. Don't play into their hands. Take time to disconnect. I like to check in with the state of the nation/world once a day if possible. I have too much else to focus on than this.

  • Take Breaks - I mentioned this earlier, take a break. Did you see my last blog about Vitamin D and it's importance in staying healthy? Read it here! So maybe go for a walk, play with your kids. Call a family member or friend. Just clear your mind once in a while.

  • Socialize - We can definitely get separated from society when we are stuck at home like this. Facetime, Skype, Zoom, however you do it. Get in contact with people through the internet. A lot of people have been using Zoom to have parties to hang out with their friends and family. It's not hard to call someone. If you need it I'll call you. We need each other more now than ever!!

I hope these tips can help you in some way to make it through this with some normalcy.!!

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