• Dan Shipman

Sit Over a Desk All Day? Lets Open You Up!

One big issue for everyone, especially golfers, is their thoracic region. The thoracic region is the rib cage. This area tightens as we sit rounded over a desk or in a car. If you're a golfer, you stand over a ball like this over and over again. We need to combat this for better posture and to allow better movement of the shoulders and arms. This can often help with some pain issues people are having in the shoulders, and in extreme cases could even lead to frozen shoulder.

Thoracic Mobility... more than just thoracic mobility.

We have to remember that one area of our body affects the areas around it. If the thoracic region is tight and cannot move, your body will find a way to get the mobility you are asking of it. This usually comes from in the form of extra mobility from the shoulder blades or lumbar spine. The shoulder blades and lumbar spine are supposed to be stable areas but the body needs movement so it will get it any way it can, even at the expense of stability. Over time this becomes a learned pattern that allows the thoracic region to further tighten. To reverse this pattern we need to work on our mobility and our use of the thoracic region in our daily lives.

Follow this video to get started with some thoracic mobility.

Let us know how these first movements go and if they help you open up and stand a little taller!

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