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Stabilize with the Anterior Oblique Sling

Last week I talked about the Posterior Oblique Sling and how it affects your golf game. This week we’ll take a look at the Anterior Oblique Sling. This system is the opposition to the Posterior Oblique Sling. So if the Posterior Oblique Sling musculature is contracted then the Anterior Oblique Sling is stretched and vice versa.

Just as with the Posterior Oblique Sling, if we have a properly working and controlled Anterior Oblique Sling we can reduce the chance of injury and get more power from our swing.

The Anterior Oblique Sling is made up of…

  • Internal Obliques

  • External Obliques

  • Contralateral Adductors

  • Abdominal Fascia

Together these connect the front right side of your abdominal region to the front inside of the left hip, or vice versa. And just like the Posterior Oblique Sling the Anterior Oblique Sling helps to drive locomotion.

Except whereas the Posterior Oblique Sling pulls the opposing leg and arm back, the Anterior Oblique Sling pulls the opposing hip and side forward.

So how does this affect my golf game you may be asking yourself? Well, in the blog last week we talked about how as you swing the golf club back you contract the opposing shoulder in hip musculature of the Posterior Oblique Sling. The main power of your golf swing comes from the Posterior Oblique Sling. So why do we need the Anterior Oblique Sling? The Anterior Oblique Sling contributes in 2 ways. It does help to cause the movement by contracting the (for a right handed golfer) right obliques and left adductors to start to transition back down from the back swing. The other main concern for the Anterior Oblique Sling is the stability it provides. Remember if your Posterior Oblique Sling is doing great but the opposing musculature isn’t strong and stable then the Posterior Oblique Sling has nothing to work off of and you will lose power and/or get injured.

Watch this video for more information.

Now here are some great exercises to help with strength and control the Anterior Oblique Sling.

This first exercise is a great core strengthening exercise. It also has a big plus in that, just like the golf swing, we have the core to be stable and the rest of the body to move around that. This forces that to happen.

The next exercise is great for exactly the same reason as the first. Your core will be stable but the rest of your body will move around that stability. This exercise is much harder because of the level of control you have to have while performing it.

The last exercise is one built more for strength of the muscles of the Anterior Oblique Sling while also challenging your overall stability.

Next week we will continue to look at the slings of the body with the Longitudinal Sling.

Also, Full Torque Fitness is always looking for ideas for future articles that relate to golf and fitness. If you have a specific question we can answer please comment below with your questions and we will answer them in future blog posts!

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