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The Secret System Controlling Your Body

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What if I told you to stop looking at your body in parts?

What if I said your head is directly linked to your foot?

What if I said your right shoulder affects your left hip?

Most people don’t know this, but there is a secret system, called the fascial system

within the body. The fascial system is comprised of sheets of collagenous fibers throughout your body. These sheets go from all over the body and in many different directions. They are used like guide wires to support our bodies.

Think about it like a suspension bridge. All those cables being used to help hold up the whole bridge off of a couple of main structures.

Our body has something called “tensegrity” within it. This is the idea that tension is developed throughout the fascial system to provide integrity to the structure of our bodies.

What if the tension in one spot increases? Or decreases? (see image here, this shows are the tension increases in one area the integrity of the unit changes)

That change can throw the whole system off.

Obviously when you reach down to pick something up the fascial system will change, but it will return back to its original state when you stand up.

What if the tension changes and doesn’t go back to its original state?

Here is where the problem comes in.

You may hear of things like adhesions or knots or trigger points within your body. That is your body trying to protect itself like you would when you put a cast over a broken ankle. You can’t use the ankle while it is in a cast. Similarly with injury your body creates adhesions. These adhesions act like a cast and restrict movement.

So you have the fascial system which acts to support your body like guide wires on a suspension bridge. But if you damage it, then you will lose function from the formation of adhesions. This will throw the whole system out of balance.

Here is a video that shows the inner connectedness of the fascial system.

You can try this on yourself, because when you feel the difference you will understand.

One way to help lessen these adhesions is foam rolling. I’m sure you may have heard of this technique before. Maybe you even tried a little. There is a lot we don't understand in terms of foam rolling and some people don't believe it does anything. I believe it works on the neural system in our body giving a signal to the area being rolled to relax the tissue there, allowing it to move better.

Here’s a little disclaimer about foam rolling. It can hurt, some places on your body are worse than others, some aren’t so bad, and each person is different. The first time I used the foam roller, I almost cried it hurt so bad. You are probably asking why do it, if it hurt so bad? I wanted to see what it could do for me; I could then apply it to my clients.

I used a foam roller almost daily for a year, generally only skipping on Sundays. During that time my body changed. I was more flexible, I had less pain, and foam rolling didn’t hurt anymore. So if you choose to do this, please be consistent for at least a month to truly give it a shot.

If you are unsure as to how to go about this, here is a link to videos I created on how to use a foam roller on different parts of your body.


Make sure to check back next week as we dive deeper into the fascial system and start looking at how we can harness it to make ourselves better golfers.

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