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The Secret to Power: The Posterior Oblique Sling

Last week’s email “The Secret System Controlling Your Body” told you about the fascial system and how it truly ties everything together from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. This week I want to dive into one of the subsystems, specifically the Posterior Oblique Sling.

If we can learn to use the Posterior Oblique Sling we will have a much more powerful swing while reducing the chance of injury.

So what is the Posterior Oblique Sling? It is comprised of 3 things…

  • Gluteus Maximus

  • Thoracolumbar Fascia

  • Contralateral Latissimus Dorsi

Together these 3 connect your left shoulder and your right hip, as well as your right shoulder and left hip. This is very important because this helps to drive our base locomotion.

Think about as you walk the right arm will swing forward while the left leg swings forward, and vice versa. Meaning the Posterior Oblique Sling is stretched as they swing forward. As they swing back the musculature of the Posterior Oblique Sling contracts. It is these opposing sides one swings forward and the other swings back that allow us to walk upright. They keep our back up correctly.

How does that work with the golf swing and how can I use it to get more power?

As you swing your club into the backswing (assuming a right handed golfer) your left hip will straighten out and the right shoulder swings back towards that hip. The opposite is happening with the right hip and left shoulder. We then contract our posterior oblique sling connecting the right hip and left shoulder to swing the club. So we transfer our body from one sling contracted to the opposite contracted. The whole time the thoracolumbar fascia is helping the stabilize our low back.

I know that was a lot to understand, watch this video to help.

Now you want more power…

We have to train the body to use these muscles they way they were made to be used. Here are a few exercises you can try to harness the Posterior Oblique System.

The first exercise is great as a warm up before a round of golf or before a workout.

The next exercise is great to work on stabilization of the spine while moving the arms around a stable trunk. If you want to make is harder, try taking the same leg as the arm you’re using off the ground.

The last exercise is very difficult and can be a great challenge to anyone. If it is too hard just hold the lunge position while performing the row.

Next week look for information on the Anterior Oblique Sling. And if you know anyone who needs to see this information feel free to forward this information to them.

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