• Dan Shipman

The Stable Part of the Shoulder, the Scapula

The scapula or shoulder blade as most people know it, is an extremely important part of mobility. The scapula is supposed to be a stable joint, when it is stable is allows the humerus (arm) to move freely in the shoulder socket. So if we want the shoulder to move properly we must depend on the scapula to do its job. The problem is the scapula is different from many other joints in that it is supposed to be stable and mobile all at the same time.

The scapula has a few motions including protraction, retraction, elevation, depression, upward rotation, and downward rotation. This is where the stable part comes in, once the scapula is in those positions it must be stable to allow the arm itself to move.

What does this have to do with my golf swing?

We have to remember that one area of our body affects the areas around it. If the scapula isn't mobile/stable then other parts of the body around it have to make up for it. Meaning if your right scapula doesn't retract as you go into your back swing (right handed golfer) you won't be able to get your right arm back and under the club. You'll have to move the upper body itself further or just shorten your swing and feel stuck at the top. The most likely scenario is a shortened swing, meaning less power, no fun!!

Follow this video to get started with some scapular or shoulder blade mobility.

Let us know how these first movements go!!!

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