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  • Dan Shipman

15 Health Tips... Plus the Science

These may all seem really simple, but simple is what works best. Ask yourself are you following these regularly?

We all know (for the most part) what we need to do to be healthy. But how many of us actually do it? Do you prioritize your health? One of my goals is to live the highest quality of life as long as possible. To do that I try to take care of myself and prioritize my health. This can be very hard with our busy schedules and everything going on around us. If you're honest with yourself you can find time to take care of you!

15 Health Tips that are Evidence Based:

  1. Eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.

  2. Limit sugary drinks.

  3. Get enough sleep.

  4. Eat omega-3 rich foods, especially fatty fish.

  5. Limit ultra-processed foods.

  6. Drink enough water.

  7. Feed your gut bacteria (eat high fiber and fermented foods).

  8. Eat adequate protein.

  9. Get regular exercise.

  10. Don’t smoke.

  11. Limit alcohol consumption.

  12. Cook with herbs and spices.

  13. Nurture positive social relationships.

  14. Spend time in nature.

  15. Practice gratitude. (list from Prosper Nutrition)

How many of those on the list do you practice regularly (a couple of times a week)?

After looking over the list I practice 12 items on the list regularly. I need to improve on

#4, #14 and #15.

How do you stack up?

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