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Recent retirement and a need to enhance overall

health and play more golf

Brad retired from being a high school principal. He knew working out was critical to enjoying his life. He had knee and shoulder issues. He wanted to play more golf and knew that he needed the flexibility to keep a good swing. He refused to be the guy who retires and sits around.


As a principal he put the students and the school before his own health. He was dedicated to his profession, and he now had the time and ability to take care of himself. He had multiple friends that already trained at Full Torque Fitness and suggested he come to us to see if we could help.


“My flexibility is much better. My shoulder does not hurt at all. My knees are so much better that I can lean over a putt and read a green – I had not been able to do that for years. I feel that I am in much better shape than I was when I first came to Full Torque Fitness."


I feel the staff listens to me and explains to me what we are doing and why. I am an analytical person and need to know the steps to justify the end and you do this for me. It is a fun atmosphere where the work is taken seriously but nobody takes themselves seriously. I feel better each time I go.”


Besides moving and feeling better, on the course he noticed he was out driving his friends to the point that many of them joined us as well. They wanted to catch up to him! He went up 19 mph in his swing speed in 10 months! Brad is a great example of where you can go when you take care of your body.


Needs: Improve Golf Game, Less Low Back Pain, and

find a Professional to make that happen


Barry worked out on his own and thought his regimen was good. He realized he wasn’t gaining strength or flexibility and at the same time he was dealing with some low back discomfort. He knew how important fitness is to his health, energy levels, sleep, and mood. So he sought a professional that could assess him and create the program to get him where he needed to go.


Feeling a little desperate and wanting to truly find out how to deal with his issues and how to get better he searched for more information on the internet. He came across Full Torque Fitness and made the call. We brought him in for the TPI Screen and went from there.


“I have noticed dramatic improvements in my flexibility and strength. My back pain has also been reduced to near zero. I really look forward to seeing Dan every week and get pumped for our sessions. In addition to being an amazing Fitness Professional, Dan is also a great person and I have a deep appreciation for what he has done for me!


Aside from the physical benefits, Full Torque Fitness is a community where you have fun an challenge yourself. Full Torque Fitness is a very positive place with many people from different walks of life that share very similar goals.”


He feels great and has told us he plans to train here indefinitely because of the joy her receives here.

Seeking overall health and a better golf game

Jeff came to us wanting to improve his core strength and flexibility to improve his golf game and his quality of life. But he needed to find a training program that combined his desire to improve his golf game and overall health.


Over the last 4 years he mainly focused on cardio and he would use the machines at the gym but he didn’t have a good understanding of fitness other than the machines. Then one day he hears about Full Torque Fitness from Pure Science Golf’s owner John.


“I feel much better overall. My back pain is gone, and I am/feel much stronger overall. I like the continued development and how the training sessions are varied and build on each other.  The continued strength I am gaining is great and working on flexibility.  Overall it has been a great experience and, I feel much better and stronger than I have in many years.”


“Don’t wait to start.  Give it a try and see how a program with Dan can improve your overall outlook.  The training program has so many elements that I would never have thought of and it also provides the right way to do the exercises which makes a big different.  No time like now to start.”


Now with confidence in the program he is following, he knows his health and golf game will continue to improve. He works extremely hard every time he steps foot in the gym. Now if we could get him to enjoy chin ups!


Recovering from an accident and wanted to get

back to where she was before.


Ginny heard about us from a massage therapist we work with and wanted to build up core strength and balance after an accident that left her walking with a cane.


Before the accident she did yoga, biked, walked, and worked out with free weights. But after the accident, most of that wasn’t possible. She tried physical therapy and massage but needed more. She knew she needed a trainer, but didn’t want to go to one of the big box gyms. When she signed up she felt confident that we would be the ones to help her on her path to a full recovery.



“I no longer walk with a cane, I am back to distance walking (3 miles so far), I have more energy and strength, my balance is greatly improved and I feel more physically fit .”


Ginny enjoys the fun atmosphere and camaraderie provided here at Full Torque Fitness and feels like she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.


“Work hard and never give up!”

He wanted a competitive edge for his career

Jon knew it is tough to compete as such a high level in the modern golf game. Every high performing pro golfer is taking care of their bodies. Not doing that his self it would be almost impossible to achieve the level of success that it takes to get onto the PGA Tour.


He had tried working out on his own, but it was misguided, meaning he wasn’t getting most of the time he spent working out. He met Full Torque Fitness while we were warming up players at charity golf tournament. He was excited about having the opportunity to work with someone who knew what they were talking about, and had the expertise to push my body in the right direction.


“It’s incredible that my body can do what I want it to do all the time, whether that’s 18 holes of tournament golf, or a full day of practice. I have never had any injuries or problems that I have kept me from competing and I put that down to my body always being in great shape from training at Full Torque Fitness. I’m extremely optimistic about the future, having every faith in Full Torque Fitness keeping my body not only ready for tournament golf, but also to improve my strength, power and flexibility even further. You need to be attacking the goal of getting onto the PGA Tour from every angle, and for physical fitness they’ve got you covered!”


He likes the challenge of being pushed both mentally and physically when training at Full Torque Fitness. It’s very difficult to replicate that high level of intensity when training on your own. With the Full Torque Fitness team it’s easy because we’re there ever second, every rep. He strongly recommends investing in bringing Full Torque Fitness onto your team.


Working in retail tore her down,

she came to us to be built back up!

Cami Smart.jpg

After working in retail Cami was unable to walk without pain. Before she worked in retail she was an avid fitness enthusiast.  She would workout 5 days a week either at the gym or on her own. The schedule of working in retail made it hard for her to go to the gym so it fell by the wayside.


She came to us originally while at another facility looking for help with her pain. She tried physical therapy while continuing her retail job, but nothing really changed. Working with Dan she sees progress every day. Her flexibility is improving and she can walk without pain.


“I am confident that I will be back to 100% as long as I stay the course. The knowledge that Dan has about fitness and physiology makes him an invaluable resource.  He understands how the body works and how to fix the issues. I would say that it is not an overnight process and it takes time but finding the right person to help you on the path to recovery is invaluable.  You have to stick with the program and you will start to see the improvements over time.”


Cami is a great model for what you have to do if you want to change. She doesn’t always want to do what we ask of her, but she still does it and the results speak for themselves.

Wanted to step up his fitness regime with a focus

on golf strength and flexibility

Blair was always an athlete growing up. He played soccer, diving, and lacrosse.  After school he continued to be an athlete through mountain biking, martial arts and more. He started to play golf and took some lessons. Quickly he realized how his biomechanics were stuck and not conducive to improving.


After meeting one of our trainers at a golf tournament he saw the changes the warm-up we gave him had on his body and flexibility. In fact, he still uses some of that warm-up to this day. This gave him enough reason to reach out and get evaluated.


“I feel like I have put everything together – Physical Fitness, Wellness, Weight Control and Mental Health. My golf game is showing flashes of greatness now!


Full Torque Fitness hits the sweet spot of targeted fitness where you get the benefit of personalized fitness regimes and equipment.  No mirrors, no waiting and no egos! They are genuine, great people who are committed to delivering great experiences and results.”


Now he comes in for every workout with the greatest attitude and puts forth 100% effort. He has gained strength, flexibility, and lost weight. Now in retirement he enjoys an amazing quality of life.


Hoped to get some more power/swing speed by

increasing core strength and reducing back strain


Marc came to us is shape but most of his training was “bro” workouts. Meaning lift heavy and lift heavy. No real focus on improving his golf game. He wanted more distance and consistency to make his golf game easier.


Marc found us through Google. After coming in for his evaluation he felt confident we could address his goals with the right training and motivation.


“Since starting with Full Torque Fitness I picked up more swing speed and more mobility. I generally feel looser and less bulky. Also, made some great friends in Dan and Bree. I feel great, my game is getting better, and my body is incurring less strain.


The best thing about training at Full Torque Fitness is the people. Dan and Bree are awesome to work with and know their shit. They genuinely care about your progress and making you better. “


To anyone dealing with the same issues as he would say, go see Dan immediately!!! Full Torque Fitness’s athletic approach to creating superior mobility and strength have allowed me to not only play better but feel better as well. In addition to playing golf with less restrictions, I am better able to do many other activities as well

No more pain! And a whole new view on the future!

Dealing with upper back pain and issues with her right shoulder made it hard for her to play the game that she loved to the highest potential. Physical therapy, massage and chiropractic care, along with going to the gym on her own and no real change. She wasn’t sure what was wrong but knew she needed help.


Paula wanted to build a lifestyle of fitness and flexibility rather than relying on procedures that would end, and be left doing the same things that resulted in the same long-term condition. She found us through the Central Pinellas Chamber of Commerce and wanted to see what we had to offer.


“Since signing up I am smiling a lot more.  Eliminating the pain and increasing my flexibility has brought a spring in my step.  It transfers to everything I do.  The added benefit of 10 more yards with my irons (when I make contact) and 200+ yard drives more often, further confirms my decision to put my money into a self-directed solution.  As an empty-nester, I can see my life continuing down the road of better health, energy and activities with friends, such as travel. There is no reason to tolerate pain and every reason to invest when you have a choice to educate and discipline yourself to live the life you are hoping to enjoy.”


Paula is an amazing example of what can happen if you put effort into your body and taking care of it. It doesn’t take a lot but it does take a little every day and whether in the gym or on the course she puts in 100% effort.


Felt his Speed and Power wasn’t up to Par

image_123927839 (1).JPG

Richard felt his physical standards were diminishing after his time in the Marines. He tried getting back into lifting weights and running more but without the proper plan some of the movements were causing him to become tighter and his speed to decline.


He was eager to start and learn new movements with a new program. He was worried though because after the first day he set some lofty goals for himself. There is a leaderboard when you walk into Full Torque Fitness with swing speeds and names on it. He wanted my name to be up top with the fastest swing speed, so he joined our 6 Weeks to Speed Program.


“My swing speed has increased more than I even thought it could and it has helped me believe that I can still get a lot faster than even where I’m at now. My fitness level has increased substantially, and I’ve been able to work out multiple times a day again. I think this is just the beginning for my fitness and golf journey. I truly believe that I have more speed in me and that Full Torque Fitness can help me get faster and stronger.”


To anyone thinking of working with us Richard says, “If you’re looking to improve your fitness and are serious about taking your golf game to the next level Full Torque Fitness should be your first stop. If you are a beginner or someone like me who has been into fitness for a while but needed a rebirth Full Torque Fitness will make plans for every individual needs. Also, there is no limit to the swing speed and capabilities every golfer can achieve.”

A Golfer with a Bad Back, Looking to Improve

his Game and his Quality of Life!

Mike came to Dan because his progress with his golf game had become stagnant. He had played sports including college baseball. He felt that a lack of flexibility, balance and core strength was holding him back. He had tried golf lessons. He went to the gym and did the “normal” exercises you see people at the gym doing but was going nowhere.


Another client referred him to Dan to help take him to the next level. Dan immediately went to work creating a program to correct the issues Mike was having and help him improve his golf game.



“I feel so much better and I have shaved 2 strokes off my handicap! Dan is super knowledgeable and organized.  I love how he customizes everyone’s program to fulfill their individual goals.  And he keeps records of each client’s plan and progress. Just give Dan a try!  You won’t regret it.”


To make sure that we didn’t affect his bulging disc we progressed smoothly. That means truly working on control and mobility before truly introducing strength and power. Mike came in with a purpose every day. He put everything he had into every workout and the results speak for themselves.


New to the Game of Golf and Dealing with Shoulder Pain,

she reached out for Help!


Kelly had rotator cuff surgery a few years prior to working with us. She was frustrated that 2 or 3 holes into a round of golf she would start having pain in her “repaired” shoulder. She had been doing physical therapy religiously since the surgery but no significant improvements. She didn’t understand why the exercises they gave her weren’t helping. Kelly was a definite fitness enthusiast. She did cardio, pilates, yoga, and everything between to get in shape, but she still wasn’t hitting her fitness goals.


“Within a matter of weeks my shoulder pain went away.  It was that fast and seemed miraculous to me at the time. Today I feel a lot better physically and still enjoy being active daily yet understand that even 20 minutes is beneficial when you’re doing the right things in the right way.  No more 10 hours of cardio per week which frees up more time for golf. “


Kelly’s favorite part of working with us has been the customized workouts in a small, fun group session. She says, “You don’t have to accept how things are when you can put in a little work in order to experience positive change.” Kelly not only feels better now but hopes she can keep playing golf well into her 70s and 80s. We know she can because of her tireless effort she puts in with us!!

Needed better movement to take full advantage of his swing!

Mike is a good golfer and has been champion at his country club. But he noticed things weren’t working like they used to.  He knew he needed more mobility and strength but wasn’t sure how to get it. He did some occasional stretching and liked to blame “TMB” or too many birthdays, but we had to get him back on track.


Mike heard about us through a local golf pro and what we were doing with golfers. He also came to a couple of our classes at Belleair Country Club. He was working with another trainer but saw what we were doing and decided it was time for the change.


“Since starting with Full Torque Fitness my golf strength and flexibility have improved dramatically. My flexibility/mobility is better than it’s been in many years…and my balance has improved tremendously too. The best part of working with Full Torque Fitness is how they tailored my workout regimen to exactly what I need for my golf swing. I feel great and look forward to continuing to train with Full Torque Fitness to improve my ability to swing the golf club.”


Mike has gone on to win his club championship and 2 senior club championships once again (multiple clubs at the same time) since starting with us. He has also found the mobility and strength he was losing. Mike says, “Give Full Torque Fitness a chance…almost guaranteed to improve your fitness and ability to be more athletic no matter your age or beginning fitness level.”


3 months after back surgery, it was time to get her life back!


Just 3 months after having a laminectomy/fusion of the spine, walking with a cane and wearing a back brace, Shane was referred to us by her chiropractor for help. After such an invasive surgery it difficult for her to be positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel. She had days where she just didn’t feel like she was going to get better anytime soon.


Shane needed her life back. She has a 3-year-old daughter and needed the ability to move and be strong to be the mom she wanted to be. She people depending on her and was serious about getting back to normal.


“Every session I could see and feel progress, my mental health has improved, I can pick up my daughter, foam roll myself without needing Dan to do it for me! I can carry my own groceries and work almost full time. My life has changed a lot, but I know Dan and his team have made a huge impact on my progress, they have pushed me to be better, encouraged me and even taught me I can do more than I believe I can sometimes. The have also taught me things in the fitness department that will stay with me for life!”

Shane had the perseverance to do the work needed. She did extra homework we gave her at home. Now the outlook on life for her and for her ability to be the mom she wants to be for her daughter and looking up every day!

Needed more strength and flexibility to

improve his golf game!

Troy originally heard about us through the Polywogs, a charitable golf organization. He worked out every day with friends at the gym, but nothing that was really helping his golf game. He was looking to increase his flexibility and strength while increasing his distance. The only thing holding him back was him knowing what to do to make his goals happen.

“The exercises I’ve learned should help me stay as healthy as possible. My golf game has truly improved and the ball goes further.”


Troy truly enjoyed not only the trainers here at Full Torque Fitness but he truly enjoyed the other people working out around him. It became a sort of family where they helped to push each other to higher heights. He believes everyone can benefit from the training and knowledge at Full Torque Fitness.


Uncertain how to go about taking his training to

the next level, he sought help


Bill had many of the same issues we see with our golf clientele. He wanted to play golf more but was dealing with back pain and long recovery times. He was always a gym goer. He had been going to the gym consistently for 20 years. He just never had a structured program that was specific to his goal.

Wanting to truly find out how to deal with his issues and how to get better he searched for more information on the internet. He came across Full Torque Fitness and made the call. We brought him in for the TPI Screen and went from there.


“Dan has been extremely knowledgeable about my limitations and issues. I can honestly say that I had noticeable results within a few weeks of working with Dan. Full Torque Fitness is a fun and challenging environment that I would highly recommend.”


He is now confident in the future of his golf game and overall health. All it took was having a consistent, structured, and progressive approach with someone to monitor his form.

She needed more strength for life!

Kathy loves golf but also has a mother with Parkinsons to take care of. She needed to be able to help move her 100 lb mother multiple times a day. She wanted to make sure her mother was happy living in her home as long as possible. She also knew she needed strength, balance, and flexibility to help her golf game. Funny enough helping one will help the other, become stronger and healthier for life!

Before coming to Full Torque Fitness she tried exercise programs she found online and some exercise CD’s that she never opened. She had a lack of commitment, thought she was “too busy”, and just could not do them on her own. She heard about us through another member, that we helped with a neck injury, get back to golfing. 

“My life is forever changed as I improved my fitness to help my Mom through the end. This was very very important to me. A bonus, my Golf game & endurance has improved. Thanks to Full Torque Fitness and golf lessons with my PGA Pro, Pat Shriver, I have shaved 10 strokes off my game! Another Bonus, I lost 14 pounds and had to buy new clothes!”

Kathy’s future is happier and healthier thanks to Full Torque Fitness.  She has more confidence and plans to stay fit with the support and personalized golf fitness training by the Full Torque Fitness Team!


He wanted to get back to the high level of golf he was used to.


Kennie played at a very high level of golf at one time. As he got older and less active his golf game began to suffer. He attributed this because of inactivity, causing loss of muscle, flexibility, and mobility. This resulted in poor ball striking, which led to less rounds of golf.


He was introduced to Full Torque Fitness at the PGA Merchandise Show by Mackenzie Mack, PGA. Over the years, he tried working out independently with little success. His routines were very generic and there was little accountability.


“The staff at Full Torque Fitness make working our fun. Over the past two years of working out at Full Torque, the staff has always been prepared for my visit. After every workout, I feel as though I have grown. Everyone there has a great personality, strong interpersonal skills and a strong fitness background. If you are looking to improve your overall fitness level or golf swing, go to Full Torque Fitness. Dan Shipman and his staff are the experts.”


Kennie now feels confident that Full Torque Fitness will help him reach his goal of regaining power and accuracy. He even says that working with us is the best part of his week!

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