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3 Exercises for Every Golfer

I like to look at things backwards. Where are we going? In a great book called "The One Thing: The Suprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results", Gary Keller and Jay Papasan talk about working backwards.

What is your goal? Once you know your goal, what is the one thing you can do that will make that goal easier to achieve.

I do the same thing with my training. This was talked about by a brilliant trainer named Charlie Weingroff at a seminar I went to. I look at the ultimate goal each client has, then work backwards from there.

Now getting back to the idea of 3 Exercises Every Golfer Should Do..

In the ultimate goal of every client is the ability to Squat, Deadlift and perform a Chin Up.

You may be thinking to yourself, holy cow, you want me to do all of those? I've never even done a single chin up in my life.

That's fine. These are end goals. I work backwards from there to create your program that allows you to be able to do all of those in the future.

And I'm not talking about squatting or deadlifting hundreds of pounds, even though that is fun. I need you to be able to do the basic squat pattern and deadlift(aka hip hinge) pattern with just your body weight.

If you can perform the squat, deadlift and chin up with proper form you will...

  • Have less pains

  • Move better

  • Swing a club with more ease

  • and much more!!

I know it can sound like a daunting task to be able to do those but with a little work and consistency you can make it happen too!!

If you would like to find out how to perform a proper squat or deadlift, or you like the idea of being able to do a chin up please contact me. We can help you do those with proper form. Also watch the video below for some basics on the squat pattern.

Comment below on your thoughts?

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