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  • Dan Shipman

Control Your Mobility

This week I want to send out a couple of videos. Each of these is a slow controlled movement known as Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs).

"CARs involve someone actively moving through their range of motion and utilizing their usable range of motion under muscular and neurological control rather than just simply holding a static stretch. CARs are essentially “circular” joint motions and the idea is that each time we try and create a “larger circle” in order to improve control in the outer limits of our usable range.

As we move through broader ranges of motion, forceful contractions send the message that we can control that range and the brain approves. That’s why CARs are controlled with tension. Whipping a joint through a range without forcefully contracting does little to teach the body and brain to maintain it – meaning it may increase flexibility but not mobility." (physioinq)

We are starting to use these with ourselves and out members. We challenge you to do one daily for a few weeks and see if things change for the better!

Remember to go slow!!

Try one of those out and remember go slow, control the motion and enjoy!

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