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  • Dan Shipman

Starvation Mode.... The Truth!

Have you heard of "Starvation Mode"?

Did you know it's a lie?

Starvation mode is a term used to describe how our bodies supposedly slows down their metabolic rate and retains stored fat in response to a "perceived" threat of starvation. The concept stems from a survival mechanism that allows the body to optimize its energy use when food is scarce. 

This idea comes from studies like the famed “Minnesota Starvation Experiment”. In this they took people's calorie intake to extreme levels AND for a prolonged period. For actual metabolic slowing down to happen, the caloric restriction has to be MASSIVE. And for weeks on end.

When we work on calorie reduction for weight loss, the idea of starvation mode shouldn't be something we are worried about. We need to focus on building habits that help us reduce overall calorie consumption and work on exercising regularly.

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