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Tell Us Your Story

With every new member we start off with a full evaluation. The evaluation includes heart health, injury history, fitness history, goals, and a full movement evaluation. We use all of this information to get you to your goals as fast as possible.

We go over heart health questions to understand how exercise can affect your heart and to know if you had any previous heart issues. Here we also cover things like asthma, diabetes, cholesterol, drinking, smoking, and much more. This gives us the basis we need to understand you.

Then we look at your injury history. Many people will skip things like twisted ankles or a broken finger. But everything can be interrelated. An old twisted ankle may cause you to walk a little different. Our body keeps us going. It uses patterns in our body that cause the least resistance. This can lead to knee or hip issues down the road. An old collarbone can cause your shoulder blade to move different. This can, in turn, cause elbow pain down the road.

Your fitness history gives us an idea of your "training age". People with a higher training age may need less coaching on some of the basics but that doesn't guarantee it.

Before we test your movement we need to know your goals, what you tried in the past, and what your biggest challenge is. This will help us know where you're trying to go and how to best help you on that journey.

Lastly, you go through the movement screen. This is where we see how your body is interrelated in movement. Is the hip cause an issue down the leg? Is there weakness in the core? How is your balance? And much more.

After we've gone through all of this we get the "Story of You". We understand why your body is moving in the way's that it is. The compensations you've built. How these compensations cause pain or hold you back from achieving your goals. This knowledge lets us change your story going forward.

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