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  • Dan Shipman

Tight Hamstrings, Really?

One of the questions that was posed to me a couple of weeks ago was about a person's hamstrings.

They said that no matter how much they stretched their hamstrings they never seemed to feel like the got anywhere.

So here is my answer...

You probably have one of two problems.

  1. Your hip flexors are really the problem and they aren't allowing your hamstrings move like they should.

  2. You're probably stretching them wrong.

The hamstrings are a muscle that crosses two joint. The help in moving at the hip and at the knee. Because of this if one end is affected it can prevent or disrupt proper mechanics at the other end.

There is also 3 muscles in the hamstring.

  • Bicep Femoris

  • Semimebranosus

  • Semitendinosus

Depending on what you do to stretch can affect which of the three is getting stretched and sometimes you're stretching the wrong one. Here is a video that will explain a little more and show some ways to stretch the hamstring.

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