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  • Dan Shipman

Traveling? Stay Loose with This

We know it can be hard to stay loose traveling. In fact those cramped planes just leave us all stiff and miserable. Here are some exercises you can do to loosen up after all that traveling.

Ex 1 - Groin Rocker - 6 reps on each side - use this to start to loosen up the groin and hips

Ex 2 - Quadruped Hip Circles - 4 reps forward and back on each side - continue to loosen the hips and get some stretch in the quad

Ex 3 - Wall Push Away Hip Hinge - 6 reps - start to get some good mobility in the hamstrings, low back, and lats (everyone loves this one)

Ex 4 - Wall Circles - 4 reps each way on both sides - get those shoulders moving too!

We suggest 2 or 3 rounds of these exercises.

Enjoy all the traveling and stay loose!!

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