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  • Dan Shipman

Social Media and it's Influence on Your Health

Many of us look at Facebook and Instagram, probably too much. An article in the New York Times (Click here to read the article) talked about how the Fitness Industry is misguided on social media. I feel like I could say this about many industries, but that's for another day.

There will always be fitness professionals that put great content out there, use science to back up their information, and truly are out to help. But there will also always be people out there trying to make a quick buck.

The estimates in the article say that two-thirds of the "most popular" fitness influencers lacked sound advice.

They also talked about how many people will post great content, but then try to sell you on some product for weight loss or fast muscle gain or you name it, that has no real merit.

As a fitness professional that believes himself to be trustworthy and factual, it truly hurts when I see this. I will always try to separate the truth from the lies. But social media and the internet have made it hard to do that.

Teami There are companies like Teami that prey on people, mostly women, selling a tea blend that caused drastic weight loss. In February of 2022, the Federal Trade Commission made them return almost 1 million dollars to consumers that were deceived by their health claims. (FTC link here)

Have you heard of Liver King? If you haven't that's good. This guy promoted eating everything raw. Literally everything. But I mean meat, especially....liver. Honestly, it was gross. He gained a huge following online. He made a lot of money. He told people this is what he did. Well.... he lied. He used steroids to look the way he did, not the all natural way he preached.(Read article here)

There is so much craziness out there, but I'm here to help. If you ever have a question about health and fitness, I will always do my best to answer it. And if I can't answer it, I'll point you in the right direction.

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